Turbidity Autodialers

New EPA Water Quality Regulations force changes

In 2004 and 2005, the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) imposed the “Long Term 1 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule” which is designed to strengthen water quality regulations and improve water treatment standards.

This will have an affect on 11,000 water systems and over 18.5 million people. This rule holds larger and smaller systems servicing under 10,000 persons, to strengthened combined filter effluent (CFE) turbidity standards and new individual filter effluent ( IFE ) monitoring and recording requirements.

The greatest impact of this rule is for small systems that will be required to do IFE turbidity monitoring and recording at least every 15 minutes . The compliance deadline for the rule is January 2005.

AUTODIALERS-USA offers a simple solution for this requirement. Use of a Raco® Catalyst® along with the Maestro Turbidity Master by Autodialers-USA provides the monitoring, datalogging and control necessary to meet EPA requirements. The Turbidity Master and Catalyst enables the operator :

  1. Collect Turbidity Data from any turbidity sensor
  2. Control a system/waste valve which will divert turbid water when at high NTU levels.
  3. Send Pump run status signals back to primary pump controller
  4. Log and report turbidity at programmed intervals
  5. Report and notification of alarms.

In addition, to data logging the RACO® Catalyst® also provides all the exceptional features available in a state of the art autodialer including fax and e-mail reporting.

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See a Catalyst® and Maestro Turbidity Master data sheet and call 1-888-292-1481 for more details.