Autodialer Accessories

Add Functionality to your Autodialer – RACO®, Verbatim®, Guard-It®, Catalyst®, Chatterbox®


Verbatim®, the most technologically advanced autodialer available, offers many operational and programming features unavailable in any other system. The Verbatim® is furnished with four contact channels and is modularly expandable to 32 contact channels and up to 16 analog channels. The system can be programmed to automatically dial up to 16 different phone numbers, each up to 16 digits long. Raco® Verbatim® Systems can be arranged in a variety of ways to meet specific monitoring, reporting, and control requirements in large and small networks.


The Catalyst® is the world’s first Interactive Communications Systems that delivers up-to-the-minute data and event logging, alarm notification and status checking data via telephone, cell phone, pager or fax. With 4 standard internal inputs for sensing digital or analog systems, Catalyst® also features 56 remote channel inputs that con be expanded to monitor up to 256 points while interfacing with a PLC or any device using the Modbus protocol. The system is easily programmed (even remotely) using Raco®’s free, downloadable Alarmware software. It facilitates quick setup of all monitoring, reporting and control functions, and has pin based security to safeguard all settings.

Ask about EZ I/O ! An easy, affordable solution for adding physical inputs and outputs to your Catalyst.

Guard It®

A new low cost Autodialer.

Guard-It® monitors up to 4 universal (analog or digital) input channels. It can call 8 preprogrammed phone numbers over a standard telephone line to provide alarm information in the form of a digitally recorded voice message. Calls any standard phone, pager, cellular, or voice mail. User can call in for a status report from any remote phone. The system is field programmable by the user at the system’s control panel via a standard touch tone phone hand set.

Verbatim® Gateway

The Verbatim® Gateway is a full featured Automatic Dialing Remote Monitoring System with a PLC Interface offers a cost effective way to add alarm autodialing to a PLC- based MMI/SCADA system. Raco® Verbatim® Gateway Systems provide autodialing for Rockwell Automation and and Modicon PLC control networks. The system has all of the inputs and outputs of a Verbatim® system plus up to 96 external PLC registers for PLC monitoring. At any time, the user can check PLC network status, modify alarm criteria and monitoring points, and alter process variables from a computer or any touch-tone phone.


Wireless Web Enabled Dialers
Wireless Web Enabled RTU’S Monitor and collect data from equipment 24 hours a day!