Temperature Control

Autodialer Temperature Solution

Temperature Solution using an Autodialer

PROBLEM: High temperature is critical to a Computer Room at a beverage center.

SOLUTION: Raco Autodialer and Temperature sensors.

TROPICANA CORPORATION operates a large distribution facility in Jersey City, New Jersey. This facility distributes juice and other beverages in all states in the North East USA as well as all Canadian Provinces. In the center of this massive facility sits the technology center. This center is the brain of the Automated Storage and Retrieval System that is fully integrated with this state of the art fully automated warehouse.

The technology center houses numerous servers and work stations which are critical to the implementation and control of these systems.

This equipment is temperature sensitive.

TROPICANA has chosen a RACO® Guard-it® along with temperature sensors to monitor temperature in this facility.

In the event of a high level alarm, personnel are notified and are able to respond quickly to rectify the situation.