Autodialer Security Solution

Security Solution using an Autodialer

If you are currently interested in improving the security at your facilities, you may be thinking about adding a security system with Central Station Monitoring.

AUTODIALERS-USA has saved our customers thousands of dollars in monthly monitoring fees while still providing them with top notch security.

By combining the ADEMCO Security product line with Raco® Autodialers our customers have benefited from all the features available in a dedicated security system including motion detectors, glass breakage, keypad security and fire detection, etc. The ADEMCO Vista Series security panels can be equipped with outputs. Outputs can then be activated based on security or fire alarms.

Linking these alarms to a RACO® Verbatim® or Catalyst® autodialer enables the customer to receive notifications regarding the status of operational, as well as security or fire alarms, without having to pay a manned central monitoring monthly fee.

In addition the Verbatim® and Catalyst® are equipped with “Alarm Call Grouping” which simply allows the user to program the dialer to notify different groups of people for different alarms.

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