Level Monitoring

Autodialer Level Solution

Level Monitoring Solution using an Autodialer and Maestro

EZ Inexpensive Pump Control and SCADA

Problem- Old pump control system with mechanical problems and a town with limited budget.

Solution- Maestro Pump Controller retrofitted into existing system at a small price.

Rockwell Township owns and operates a waste water pumping station. The pump control panel has operated well over the last twenty years however, lately has been experiencing mechanical difficulties. Thirty year old technology using springs, bellows and mercury switches along with a bubbler system, measures the level of waste water in a tank. Mercury switches attached to those springs and bellows activate pumps.

Rockwell Township was satisfied with the operations of their newly refurbished bubbler system however was dissatisfied with constantly having to make adjustments to he bellows and springs. Over time these parts had worn and had allowed start and stop points to drift regularly.

Rockwell Township chose the Maestro pump controller to be retrofitted into their existing system. By tapping into the existing bubbler air pressure line the Maestro along with a pressure transducer provides accurate start and stop points along with high and low alarms to a Raco® Guard-It® Autodialer. The Maestro also offered the operators automatic alternation capabilities along with a screen which indicates pump station status.

Installation was relatively simple in that the existing system could be left in place and that the new system required minimal wiring.

Rockwell also appreciated that in the future they have the ability to view their Maestro at a remote computer utilizing an existing dial up telephone line.

See the Maestro Pump Controller data sheet and call 1-888-292-1481 for details