Gas Monitoring

Remote High Gas Level Alarms?

Problem- Large national gas production facility requires notification of remote high gas level alarms with ability to to disarm system remotely.

Solution- Catalyst® Autodialer with Alarmware® software

A large national gas production facility was in search of a notification system for multiple groupings of remote gas detection devices. These installed Draeger Gas detection devices were wired to Modbus speaking PLC’s. The operators of the facility required that they be able to arm and disarm the notification system or disarm single register points within the PLC, all from a PC or touch tone phone. The Catalyst®, with the ability to monitor 256 Modbus register points had more than enough capacity to monitor the gas detection alarm points. Using windows based Alarmware operators are able to connect to their Catalysts® in remote locations via a standard landline phone. Within seconds of going “online” with the Catalyst® multiple alarm points can be armed or disarmed simultaneously. In addition the Catalysts’® built in data logging capability logs selectable events and faxes operators a daily report of gas levels, alarms and configuration changes.

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