Flow Monitoring

Collect Daily Flow Data?

Problem- Small towns labor costs over budget due to a requirement that they collect daily flow data.

Solution- Automatic faxed reporting by the RACO® Catalyst® and EZ I/O

A small central Pennsylvania town spent over $30,000 in over time in 2003. Personnel were required to visit pump stations daily (including weekends) to check accumulated flow totals and pump run times. With EZ-I/O and the Raco® Catalyst® , operators were able to log data regarding run-time and accumulated flow automatically. The Catalyst in turn faxes a morning report to the township building daily at 8AM. The Raco® Catalyst® can be polled from any computer or telephone to receive up to date flow and runtime information. This simple, cost effective solution saves this small town thousands of dollars in overtime costs. See our Catalyst data sheet and brochure and our EZ I/O data sheet and brochure.

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