Data Logging Database

Remote Well Pump Tests?
Testing And Accurate Data Collection With AlarmWare®?

Problem – Remote wells need pump tests with accurate and frequent data collection.

Solution – RACO® Catalyst® with Alarmware®

The city of Blair, Pennsylvania required all of their 15 wells to be pump tested. Each test required that the well be allowed to sit idle for a 48 hour period and then pumped continuously for 48 hours. A data logging device was needed to monitor the level and flow during these periods and then for an additional 48 hours after the run sequence to guage the wells recovery rate. Blair’s existing Scada system uses radio communications to relay level and flow information back to a master /computer however the radio polls were too infrequent for a satisfactory pump test. Blair Township chose a Raco® Catalyst® to be installed at each site for the duration of each test. Flow and level readings were taken for a one week period at which time a technician would download the data to a log file using Alarmware® . The towns engineering firm could then easily import this data into a database software package such as MS Access or even MS Excel for graphing and reporting purposes.

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