Chlorine Monitoring

Autodialer Chlorine Solution

Chlorine Monitoring Solution using an autodialer


Problem: You are unsure of the amount of chlorine solution available at your remote pumping stations. You cannot afford to run out of chlorine and have a pump station not operating. Solution: A small municipality with 4 water towers and 15 remote pumping stations monitors multiple conditions at each site with RACO Autodialers. Each pump station includes a scale measuring the amount of chlorine available in 150 lb. cylinders. Those scales output a 4-20 milliamp signal to the autodialer. The autodialer then detects when the cylinders reach a low level of chlorine and call out to the chlorine delivery company for a delivery. The municipality is also informed by the autodialer and is pleased that their pump stations are never down due to a lack of chlorine.

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