Add Capability to your autodialer

Digital Inputs

This Verbatim option increases the number of monitoring points from the standard configuration of 4 digital inputs. Plug-in circuit cards expand the Verbatim system to 8, 16, 24, or 32 inputs. Gives you added capacity to monitor additional alarms, totalizer values and run times.

Analog Inputs

120 yan4a Analog InputsMonitor and report a continuously variable value such as temperature, water level, or pressure with this Verbatim option. Plug-in circuit cards let you add 1, 4, 8, or 16 analog inputs with user-programmable scaling and high/low setpoints. Standard signal input type is 4-20 mA, with other types available on order.

Remote Supervisory Control

Actuate from 4 to 8 electrically operated devices over the dialup telephone network using any remote touch-tone phone. Plug-in circuit card for Verbatim system provides open collector transistor outputs or will interface an external output relay system for remote circuit. Standard relay type is OAC5, with other types available on order.


When conventional telephone lines are too costly, RACO’s Cellularm systems provide autodialing over the cellular telephone network. All alarm monitoring, reporting, and system status checking functions are included. A Cellularm system consists of a cellular phone transceiver packaged together with any one of RACO’s family of autodialers in a compact, weather resistant housing that is easy to transport and set up.


Now – operate remotely located pumps, valves, motors, switches, and other devices over the phone. You can call the RACO Responder from any touch-tone phone anywhere and operate up to 8 remote devices. DTMF tones generated by your phone cause relay activation at the Responder RTU, which in turn operates the remote device. Available with 2 or 8 relay outputs. Also can be used with a RACO Verbatim as a closed loop control system.